I enjoy sharing recipes and stories picked up from the many kitchens I have loved and worked in over my career. My half-day regional Indian workshops, hosted in your home, are a fun, relaxing and inspiring way to spend a half-day.  All you need to do is bring together a group of six or more friends - I'll set up and host the cookery demonstration and we'll sit down afterwards to a meal seasoned with aromatic spice.  Take a look at my selection of summer menus for a flavour of what's on offer. 

How long does it last?
I host 4 hour sessions at a time that works best for you.  Everyone will receive  a welcome cuppa and homemade biscuits, followed by the cookery demonstration. We'll all then sit down to a meal featuring dishes from our workshop. And, you will also take home a starter pack of fragrant spices to help you get started at home. 

Menus change with every season and cover a range of regional recipes from across India. They include healthy takes on popular dishes, vegetarian specialties, and modern interpretations on dishes I love to cook.  From homestyle tandoori chicken, to smoked rice with popped mustard seeds, cardamom cake topped with mango mascarpone, and coconut-stuffed green chilli pickle - there's something for everyone.  Take a look at my summer choices for more on what's on offer for this season.

How much does it cost?
Prices start at £50 per person for groups of six or more. 

Bespoke classes
Specialist classes, advanced sessions, and targeted workshops featuring special themes as varied as preserves for the store cupboard, lentils and pulses, vegetarian dishes, desserts and more. Drop me a line and I'll suggest more ideas tailored to your tastes. 

Where do you host classes?
In your home kitchen -  I'll bring along my own kitchen kit.

How do I make a booking?
Do drop me a message via the contact me page and I'll be happy to answer any queries and take bookings for classes.